Am I Ready to Fly??
2:09 PM

So the exam are over. What I can do now is just wait the result out. I can say is I did okey in my exam. Because I just did okey and not excellent, it's make me quite worry the chance for me to fly to UK. Everyone around me are so positive include my parent that asking a lot of questions about my study in UK. So the question back to me. Am I ready to study in UK??

I try to be positive and say "YES I'm ready to fly on 29th of May 2008". No time to waste anymore. Can't imagine if really can't make it this year. Don't know can handle the failure or not. Hopefully everything getting well and smoothly. While for the people who support me I would like to thank you all a lot. Hope UK is getting closer to me. All the best everybody.


the V