Ironman 2008
6:01 PM

Watched it on last Wednesday (30th of April 2008). Another one of the super heroes from the comic book that make it to the silver screen. Actually not really know much bout Ironman because it less popular compare to other super heroes such as the Spiderman, Batman, X-men and etc. I'm not expecting anything from this movie. Just hoping that the story line not too boring.

So after watched the movie I would like to rate this movie above average but not fantastic. This is because it still a super hero movie that some of the thingy that we can't really explain how it happen. The good thing bout this movie is it not too fantasy (out of the world) because science and technology apply to the movie. Although those technology are more far advanced then what we have now but in my opinion those technology are possible and reachable in the future. For me, study in electronic engineering I think those AI robot are possible. Those 3-D drawing (AutoCAD) that floating in the air is possible. Even the way Ironman fly also have it logic. Can we built the Ironman suit?; then have to ask those mechanical engineers and also material engineers.

The conclusion is recommended movie by me. I think engineers who know super heroes (not nessecary a hardcore fan) will like it.


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