Unofficial won and the reward.
5:30 PM

Ya is an unofficial won. As mention before I have a "re-match" fight and I felt that I already won the match although I haven't get the official result yet.
So the reward for the unofficially won is Nokia 5800 (blue). Just a short opinion on this phone, I will categories it as a affordable, pretty and nice (peng leng chen) handphone. Almost cover every need as a handphone currently. In performance side I'm okay with it cause for me handphone still a handphone, device that can make/receive a call and sms. Other thing like camera, music player, wifi, and others just a side function for me.

I think there's will be more reward when I get the official result. So can't wait for the official result. At the same time can't over confident also. Ya I know the official result haven't out I can't consider I'm already won. So I hope everything run smoothly until the result officially out.

Yesterday went to Times Square for a small gathering. So it is the first time we gather with complete members after some of us went to UK study, work and some of us continue study in Malaysia. Bowling is one of the activities we plan during the outing.

The staff that work in Ampang SuperBowl (Times Square) sux!!!! The lane they gave us got problem at the gripper. That mean the gripper that grip the pins are loose. When the gripper grip the pins up the pins will fall down. Then I make a complaint at the counter. You know what, they didn't take any actions on it. Until I made the third complaint and decide not to walk away from he counter until they take action on it. Another surprise thing happen is they listen to me then just stand at there doing nothing. Can you believe it? Am I not paying for the games that I bowl? Damn stupid. After standing in front at the counter for more then 10 minutes then they only tell me to change to other lane. Is that so hard to change to other lane since there still a lot of vacancies there?

It happen yesterday also. My JEANS PANT TORN!!!! (look at the photo above). Ya is a JEANS. Before that let define the word "jean". From my laptop dictionary, jean define as : "hard-wearing material: a strong twill cotton. Use: work clothes, uniforms, overalls, jeans." WTF quality is this. Just one year old the jeans pant. So I decide try not to buy jeans from this brand (see the below photo) again :


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