Drama Queen?? No is a King
1:28 AM

OMG........ I'm so suffering now. I really trying my very best to become more comfortable and wait patiently. Every night I can't sleep well because of keep thinking bout the "ticket to UK" (mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang). Trying not to create drama and not to get emotional in my blog again but I have no choice. Since there are no one that I can talk to so I have to let it out at here. Honestly I'm very-very scare and nervous bout my coming result. My feeling like mixing with everything till not really know what is it. I wish that the result is coming out tomorrow but in the same time I only want to hear the positive result only. REALLY CAN'T EXPLAIN THE FEELING!!! I need the ticket very badly. Really-really hope that really-really good result and really-really can go.

Please; Anyone; Please help me. Tell me what to do. Everytime I need something badly I won't get it that why it's make me freaking worry.

I never dare to plan for Plan B if there are something wrong with Plan A. I don't know how many people had left out before? For me it's happen to me many time. And trust me the feeling is NOT GOOD at all. That why I haven't plan for Plan B. In my life so far there are only two successes or go through to the next level. The rest is failure. That why I can't efford to fail in my education anymore. Really hope everything going smoothly. May God bless me and everyone that suffering like me.


the V