An Embarrassing Date
7:01 PM

"Bang kalau nak transit ke KTM beli tiket ape?". OMG....... very long didn't travel with LRT Star. There is a large map beside the counter but I still ask stupid question. (macam lah tak tahu baca peta) So my destination is Midvalley KL. Damn!! Reach Midvalley 2 hours early. What to do? Wondering around to search for any bookstore to read some books so can waste some time. (Geek!!!). I really don't know where is the bookstore located in Midvalley (sorry... Midvalley not my place).

After 1 hour 45 minutes later, ya is time to go now. Frankly speak I'm lost in Midvalley. I can't find the North Court that time. WTF~~~~~~ I go up and down untill I calm down myself. I go to the Centre Court and at the same time I saw East Entrance. Given the hints of centre and east plus my "Geographical" knowledge, finally~~~~~~~~ I found it. I'm rushing to the place we wanted to meet. With the sweat and nervous around me I taking the lift to 6th floor. I'm sure nervous because we never meet before. Just some phone calls and e-mails from each other before the date. Everyone in the lift like damn weird looking at me. (What the problem? Never see people rushing for date?!??!? ) When I enter into the lift there also others heading to 6th floor. So when reach 6th floor I go out from the lift with others who also wanted to go to the 6th floor.

At 6th floor I should search for unit five (the place that we going to meet). At the same time there is a fellow also entering the unit with me. OMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Know what? that fellow is the person I wanted to meet. Damn "paiseh/malu". Saw my sweat and heavy breath inside the lift. Haih~~~~~~ First impression already like shit. So after few minutes settle down we start our conversation. I damn "paiseh/malu" bout the lift incident untill nothing to ask at that time. Most of the time that fellow who ask question and I just answer. Funny...... And thing getting worst when most of the question I answer wrongly (no chemistry lah~~~). I trying to act I'm understand everything that fellow try to say. Hahahaha..... So the talking only last around 15 minutes before I dismiss from the unit. Damn it!!!! Like a disaster for me. So embarrassing from the start, taking the LRT; untill to the end of the date. So after the date I feel that no hope and I just wasted a chance again. Haih.................... So dissappointed that time so I went to McD to treat myself. Wakakaka.......

Although I felt failed already but actually that fellow decide am I fail or not. After a disaster in Mertakab, Pahang before this, I hope this "INTERVIEW" not another disaster for me. Anything happen just waiting for their call this coming few days. Hehehehe......


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