12:02 PM

Sitting at the back of the car, no idea where the car heading to. What I know is we all at Cheras during that time. Less then 15 minutes drive we reached the destination. Quite lot of people from different level of age around the area. Some already start going. That unfair~~~ I told myelf, "It's Okay I will catch them later". As a sportman past few years and plus some experienced from the climb of Gunung Ledang and Gunung Angsi I think my stamina and fatigue are not that bad. So without warming up I start the race. I let my friends head the race first while im the last person who start cause base on the paper I more better then all of my friends. So I volunteer myself to go last so I can take care the front.

So the first 15 minutes everyone look okay and keep in pace. No one success over take us and I still can't figure out why we all still can't see those aunty and uncle that start the race early. Then the obtacle more challenging and my stamina start to drop dastically. Damnit. I look behind and I saw some people are getting nearer to me. OMG..... I'm going to lose my place to them. I keep pushing myself but I cant cause my muscle are very tired. I thought last Sunday futsal match will help me to awaken my muscle that already slept for almost for 4 months. Actually it worsen the race today. Damnit again. My position slowly drop one by one when one person start to over take me. My friends also far in front leaving me alone with my fat ugly body. "Buat malu saje" with all the reputation that I have. Haih.......... Round 1 DEFEATED!!!

Round 2 should be more easier cause it like going down the stairs. So try to motivate myself not to give up and redeem myself for the first round. So this time I lead the race. I'm quite fast in the beginning of round 2. But energy drained out in less then 15 minutes. Damnit again and again. Friends and other racers start to over take. I'm totally like a piece of rubbish that time. So............ Round 2 DEFEATED also!!!!

After I reach the finish line I really feel like I'm a piece of useless fat meat.

Defeated by a tiny moutain that no name. [till now I still don't know the name of the "bukit". It located at the Kampung Cheras Baru.]


the V