Apple Product Professional 2009
7:00 PM

Today went back former company to collect my APP(Apple Product Professional) pin. As promise 1pm meet but ex-manager need to delay it cause there something extra need to talk in meeting. So I walk around MidValley MegaMall while wait for his call. So I received a call on 1:53pm and he call me go to HQ to collect the pin.

And this is the pin I get for hitting the target points in ASTO test for year 2009. Beside that Apple also gave me a virtual cert that said I already hit that target.

And these were the pins I got for the year 2008 and 2009 back to back.

I wonder if I put those pins in e-Bay or Low Yat Forum to sell how much I will get from it. Is it worth for RM300.00 ?? I think I will sell it one's day. Or maybe I sell it when there is a good price set by the buyer. Hmmm.......


the V