10:19 PM

I'm quite disappointed with myself on what happening on me currently. I'm lost~~~ No direction~~ And no passion. My life not sailing smoothly as usual. I fell before but I manage to climb back and make a return. I become a loser before but I fight back and become a winner. People said I'm wrong but I prove to them that I'm right actually.

It was very tough for me to place where am I now. Sometime I feel I doesn't desire what I having now. But I keep remind myself that I can't give up and I must keep on fighting. But looks like this time the "fall" hardly to recover. I felt that I'm at a stage that hopeless and need to give up. I don't know why. It's so different from what I experienced before. I may blame on a person really make my life suck now but my life I should control it and not others. I FAIL to do so!!!!!! What ashame....  

Need a kick; an achievement to rise back. Hope I found it very soon. The question is, should I keep on fighting or should I restart everything and try again??

the V