Rabbit Year Target
10:11 PM

There are few things that I like to achieve in the Year of Rabbit (2011). The most concern about me now is my health. So I would put health for my priority to hit the target. Let see the list....

1) Slim down to 70kg (current 97kg)
2) Grow some hairs
3) Cure my injured knee
4) A job that can help me saving at less RM500 per month after reduction
5) If possible I wish I can find my another half
6) Start a part time business
7) Unifi + Astro Beyond + 42" LCD TV at home

Basically can summaries to I wish to have a better life style and job(s) that can offer me salary at less RM3k per month. While in term of entertainment the most basic I wish to have Astro and high speed internet. Of course if possible I can have a home theater, Play Station and a Wood Cone Audio System (JVC) is better but I think is impossible target for 1 year time. Maybe I'm wrong and I wish I'm wrong.... Hehehe......

All the best~~~~~~~
HUAT AHHHH~~~~~~~~

the V