TS'09 : Liverpool
11:37 PM

Liverpool trip is a last minutes planned trip and also a very rush trip. We bought the bus tickets a few hours before it depart. In between the few hours I did my laundry and packing. We also late for the bus, lucky the bus also came late. Almost missed the bus. UK transportation always on time. So normally will arrived on time and depart on time although the bus is not pack like a sardine in can (back in Kuala Lumpur, METRO bus not going to depart until the bus is really packed) . So is a 2 days 2 nights trip. We depart from Sheffield 5:15pm, so arrived Liverpool around 7:30pm. Direct bus going to take 2 hours plus (single stop at Manchester).

First Night

Is Friday night so is PARTY TIME~~~~~~~

Walkabout. Honestly, Liverpool club/bar/pub are more happening than Sheffield.

First Day

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet (click name for information os Cheshire Oaks) . UK's largest designer outlet. 145 stores around that huge area. Quite cheap the price tag there IF we don't convert back to Ringgit Malaysia (RM). If you earn pound sterling in UK, you can shop till drop. Summer sales really cheap.

Return ticket from Liverpool to Cheshire Oak - 4.20 pound

It take us one whole day in Cheshire Oaks, still yet walk all the stores cause is late and need back Liverpool.

Second Night


Stay at room with playing card. Plan to Albert Dock at second night. Not our day......

Second Day

Because Liverpool rain whole night, the next day we went to Albert Dock. Let the photos roll~~~~

Boats and ships

ZEBU the ship. Sorry for the small photo of the information about ZEBU. Give me a shout if anyone interested the information. I send you the bigger resolution photo.

Sorry again for the small photo of the Albert Dock directory. Again give me a shout if interested.

Statues at Albert Dock

The Beatles Story. I missed because of time and a long line at the entrance.

Near to Albert Dock is Liverpool One. So we went to Liverpool One after visit at Albert Dock. I guess is a shopping heaven in Liverpool city. Is like an open air shopping mall.


Liverpool FC store, Costa - quite popular coffee cafe in UK, Nike and Apple - Apple my former company back in Malaysia.

Here come the random photos around Liverpool






Things I brought back to Sheffield

Kickers - Beatlom
10 pound from Cheshire Oaks
My Converse repeater will R.I.P in UK

This Is Liverpool plate
1.01 pound from Albert Dock
Sourvenior for myself
Actually it made from 1 peny

Anyway the bus return ticket from Sheffield to Liverpool to Sheffield is 18.90 pound. Can purchase the ticket from National Express.


I will back to Liverpool before I back Malaysia because I missed a lot of museums, missed The Beatles Story and do some shopping at Cheshire Oaks.


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