TS'09 : Sheffield Botanical Gardens
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Actually is a late entry. But I think is not too late to share it. Botanical Gardens is one of the attractions in Sheffield. I personally feel the place is so relaxing and calm. Just about 20-30 minutes from city center. There are two entrance; one at the top of the hill; while another is at the bottom of hill.

If hike to the top entrace we will see a nice entrance. If enter through the bottom entrace will see a typical big gate. Below photo is the top entrance.

Beside that will see some nicely built house and bungalow when hiking up the small hill. During the hiking will see another Sheffield Hallam University campus (Collegiate Campus). The people living around that area also friendly and helpful.

Will see a lot of beautiful flowers too around the residences area.

So is a pay off hike although we can enter the Botanical Gardens without doing so. With the 16 Degree Celcius weather now, I think is not a problem to hike a little bit. Also can see the rest of the Collegiate Campus up the hill.


Top-to-bottom : Information Board, vintage wedding car, view from the entrance

Lets look around the place.


Is a very nice place to have picnic or lay down a while or even read some novels. I can spend a whole day in the park or garden.
360 degree videoclip

A statue at the rose garden since year 1934

More roses at the rose garden. Smell those roses. Trust me it smell nice. Back in Malaysia I can't smell such aroma from a fresh rose. One of the roses smell exactly same like the "Sirap" in Malaysia.

More flowers

The fountain and the happy marriage couple

A lot of people asking who is that guy (left) from the photo below. So it's happen like these. When I'm on the way to the garden. A small kid drop his soft toy in front of me. So I'm helping him to pick up the toy and their parent are so friendly and say thanks for me. His parent even call his kid to thanks me. Hehehe..... When I walk around the garden I meet the kid and his parant again. Since we are so lucky to meet again and so friendly, why not have a photo. That the story. The end. Hahahaha.....

So guyz if you haven't visit Botanical Garden why not go and hav a look. Maybe you will also meet friendly people at there.


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Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Clarkehouse Rd
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2LN, United Kingdom


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