TS'09 : Back To Uni
6:53 AM

Quite tired these few days cause classes already started. And finally I found a day to update my blog. First thing first, let see aroud the Uni first for these TS'09 project.

clockwise : Heartspace Cafe, Surrey Building, Pennine Lecture Hall, Cutting Edge
(Hopefully I didn't label it wrong)

Furnival Building
ACES Falculty
Is a new building (2008)
Classes and labs everything in this building

Some random photos


Hallam Union. I already get my ticket for the Summer School Beach Party '09. How about you??

Sheaf Building (right) and Eric Mensforth Building (left)

Green stair

Author. Concourse. OMG!!! Look at my neck....I'm getting more FAT!!!

Vending machines for drinks, snacks and passport photo too....

My breakfast, my lunch and my snack for the first week of TS'09 project

Upnext : Around City Center


the V