TS'09 : Wisely Purchased??
1:40 AM

Recently bought three things that I still don't know it really useful/worth or not. I'm no regret so far what I have bought, just unsure at this moment. Let's check those 3 things.

1) Passport Holder

Brand (Colour) : Quick Silver (Black)
Reason to buy : Able to manage my travel documents (passport, tickets/pass, travel cheque, money, bank draft, etc)
Price : RM99.90

2) Cap

Brand : QuickSilver (Black)

Reason to buy : Just want to have a new cap.
Price : Rm69.90

3) Luggage

Brand : Ecnolac (Brown)

Reason to buy : Put my stuff when travel.

Price : RM499.00 (n.p). After discout RM249.50

The 3 items not so branded or expensive for certain people. But for me is quite expensive and I have other option to choose with lower cost and brand. Hope now the 3 items is reliable and practical. At this moment can't tell is it a good buy or bad one.


the V