THEV Summer '09 (TS '09) : STA and Preparation 1
12:38 AM

Update for the THEV Summer '09 project (TS 09). Quite busy these few days until I missed AI8 finale on TV. But thank to Bitcomet, I can download it and watch it again and again. Wakakakaka...... Frankly speak I haven't watch the performance night but I already knew the result. And I'm actually support Adam Lambert, so I'm feel sad for Adam Lambert. But he sure have a good career in entertainment industry. Back to "TS 09", I sealed a seat in Etihad plane with STA Malaysia. And worsen the country economy by selling Ringgit to the country of United Kingdom. Lol....

I also did a little shopping for "TS 09". A brown Camel Active jacket and also a wallet from Camel Active. I hope I didn't regret by choosing Camel Active brand cause from my opinion these brand too mature for me. It will make me look more older. Hehe....

The jacket
The wallet
Hmmm..... there more thing to shop actually. There are other things still undecide and need some advise from KH. Hopefully KH free on this coming Saturday. If not I need to find other approaches.


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