Angels and Demons
12:13 AM

Went to Pavillion, KL with SC for the movie Angels and Demons. For me, the movie didn't disappoint me. I had watched the Da Vinci Code movie before this, so I expect something similar type of movie in Angels and Demons. But for SC he felt that this movie just a so-so movie. Hmm.... Maybe he don't really like this type of movie. Although there's quite lot of things I don't really understand cause the movie mostly talking bout Catholic. But the storyline of the movie is good from my opinions. After watching the movie I'm quite curious bout the city of Rome. Are those church really exist in Rome or in Vatican?? And the selection of the new Pope. Is it the procedure to select the new Pope same like in the movie? Another one thing is the Vatican Archives. Does it really exist?? Hmm..... I think I need seek help from my Catholic friends.


the V