Khairy in Point of View
12:32 AM

I almost end my day 30 minutes ago but I have to boot up my laptop again and blog regrading this entry after watching the "Point of View" in NTV7. Initially I'm not interested in the programme. What make me keep watching is Khairy Jamaluddin is one of the host and talking bout "Mat Rempit". Wikipedia define "mat rempit" as :

This is the first time I heard Khairy give his opinion in a case. So I want to know how good is him in giving opinion. I would say I don't understand what he talking about. Something like bullshitting. Secondary school level "Forum Remaja" opinions. Everytime the speaker question him, he like defending the "Mat Rempit". He have to do so because he is on of the fellow who rebrand from "mat rempit" to "mat cemerlang" few years back. He is a totally a joker. He claim he engage with the mat rempit for few years so what is the solution now?? Don't tell us that he need more time!!! Some people damn good in talking but action really suck. But sorry to say that our Mr. K suck in talking and suck in action. Totally a disaster. I still remember in his speech he try to compare those illegal racer in western country that look normal with our mat rempit here. He like trying to say that mat rempit also a normal phenomena in M'sia too. WTH!!!! A lot western people can have a gun or pistol. So is it most Malaysian also should have a gun with them?? Crazy man...

Now I give my opinion how to solve the problem in Mat Rempit. Firstly just arrest all the current "mat rempit" and throw them to jail. While for the under age I still believe that police can handle them. Give them a chance if they really like to race, off course not on the road but on the racing track. There few racing competition out there actually like the Petronas Spinter and the racer quite young. Why not throw more competiton like this. it's more better than sponsor them to north pole for a jump. If those idiot still don't want then no choice. More road block and more patrol from police. Can't give them a chance if there still into Mat Rempit. They all are criminals. What the different between rapist with Mat Rempit? What the different between robber with Mat Rempit? What the different between killer with Mat Rempit? Why treat them so good and tolerance with them?
I wander why Khairy can be selected as a Youth Umno leader. Is it those casting the vote for him are Mat Rempit? Hmmm.........


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