Officially WIN!!!
1:56 AM

Ya I get the confirmation of my last "war" finally. As predicted I won the war. Quite happy cause after some tough fight in mentally and physically, in the end I get it.

So for instant reward is.........

A&W (Wakaka.....)

Set Meal : Double Mozza Burger with single float root beer.

Anyway need to thank to a lot of people around me that make it happen especially Dr Y, Dr C, and a lot of friends that keep supporting me (I received support sms more than the wishes sms I received at my B'day). Really thank you very much for everything.

Currently busy with the "THEV's Summer '09" stuff. Preparations and lot things to clarify for "THEV's Summer '09" project.

Up next, seal the seat with STA (a part of the "THEV's Summer '09" project)


the V