TS'09 : 2nd Day (Weird people)
11:38 PM

Before reach UK, Ah Boon (Senior, just done his Master) had offered to bring us (me and friends) to walk around Sheffield when we reach. So we meet at the bus stop near by to our hostel. He took us to the city center and some grocceries stores we can buy stuff. (Moore Street, PoundLand, Tai Sun Oriental Food Chain, KH Trading and etc.) Really thank you very much to him for the time.

In the same day (2nd day) we also join Aaron (senior resident) to have dinner at night. When we wait for our meal ready, there is a black guy really scare me. That guy suddenly get angry and act very weird. We try to pretend there's nothing happen but suddenly he throw french fries to us and almost hit me. Ya, almost HIT ME!!!!! I really don't know why he get angry and what we did wrong. Hmmmm....... Maybe he don't like chinese?? Perhap so.......

That's not the end. We also faced another weird scenario. It happen when we walk to the casino, Grosvenor Casinos. Two girls suddenly scream and look nervous ran to us and ask for 5p. I thought the 2 girls disturbed by the two black guy who walk behind them. I really want to give them 5p but unfortunately I don't have 5p at that time. Then the two girls run and scream again. When reach a junction the two girls ask from the two black guys. I'm confused. A lot of question marks (????). Why the girls screaming??? Why she ask for 5p (RM0.30) only if she really need money?? Why they didn't ask from the two black guys first and direct run to us and ask for us?? Is it a con?

*** Some will ask why there only few photos for this entries. Sorry bro and sis, I try to snap more photos next time.

Sheffield United FC
Founded in 1889
Also known as "The Blades"

Outside of the Sheffield United FC Stadium
Hope I didn't missed the Open Day of the club


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