TS'09 : Around Peace Garden
5:50 AM

Actually I have compiled some photos taken from the Peace Garden and the place near the City Center. Let start with the The Moor Street.

The Moor
I guess is the most busy street in City Center
PoundLand located (Selling products at 1 Pound ONLY!!!)

St. Marry Church
Actually is a marking for me to find my way back hostel (if I'm lost).

Random photos taken from St. Marry Church

Photo taken from Peace Garden

I still don't know the name of this building
If not mistaken is a place where people register their marriage here
Will try to find out the name in future.

Ball structures in front of the Winter Garden.

No idea about this building
The design of the building quite unique

Winter Garden
Unfortunately when I went for visit, it already closed
Will find a day to visit.

Fountain at Peace Garden

The street opposite Peace Garden

Also no idea about this building.
The design catch my attention
The reason I took these photo


the V