TS'09 : Summer School Beach Party 2009
7:33 PM

Summer School Beach Party 2009 organised by the Hallam Union at the HUBS. It is an anual event that Hallam Union organised till this year (2009). Actually it's a party for everyone but it end up a welcome party for TARC-ian and Sri Lankan students that doing their summer couse in Sheffield Hallam University.

Hallam Union Logo (edited)
Actually is a HUBS building

So you will see a lot of Chinese from TAR College and Indian from the Sri Lankan.

Look at the crowds before the party start
Is the largest crowd so far (sold out tickets party)
Lets have a look at the 360 degree video I recorded at the beginning of the event.

Some warm up drinks before heading to the dance floor
Beer selling slightly cheaper than outside bar (1 pint - 2.30 Pound)

Lets check the dance floor

360 degree vidoeo at dance floor

More photos

Photo with local peope and friend
If not mistaken the guy with purple shirt and the girl with the black top is Joy Covell's kids.
Joy is our Charlotte Court's Manager

L-R : Thiam, Lucas, Bryan, Clara, Vincent, Jason. Eydan most bottom

Anyway, below is the ticket for these party
Ya, just 2 pound ONLY
Don't forget to grab your ticket as soon as possible if you coming for summer course next year



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