TS'09 : Meadowhall
4:57 AM

Last weekend we (hostel mate) decided to join the day trip to York organised by the Hallam Union but unfortunately when we reach HUBS on Friday, Pod 4 already closed. We didn't realise that the Pod 4 close at 2pm. We MISSED York!!!!

So not to stay in the hostel doing nothing we decided to visit Meadowhall and watch Transformers at VUE cinema (located inside Meadowhall). Let's the photos tell the story.

Entrance from the parking lots

One of the public transport to meadowhall (bus and trams also can reach)
And just one station from Sheffield station.

Train ticket
Return ticket cost 2.20 pound

Meadowhall interchange

Some shots of me at the Meadowhall interchange

the Oasis
Meadowhall food court
Just a normal food court that we can find in Malaysia

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen
I would say is one of my best movies
Better than the previous transformers movie

Me with the blue sky

Difficult to find such a blue sky back in Malaysia

Sesame Street T-shirt
Bought at Meadowhall
100% Official Merchandise from Bravado
There are few others designs I liked
Will grap more in future visit to Meadowhall

Check out the short clip (if you boring see those photos) recorded by unprofessional camera man.
From train station to Meadowhall


the V