TS'09 : Castleton, Derbyshire
4:10 AM

This is the first trip that outside from the city center. With some information given by Mr. Alexei Nabok (MicroElectronic lecturer), we just cross our fingers so that we didn't get lost or took the wrong bus to Castleton. There are few Castleton in UK. The one we visited was in Derbyshire.

Finally we reach our destination

Welcome to Castleton

To make sure you at the correct place, you will see the Peak Hotel just opposite of the bus stop.



Random photos taken around Castleton


Peveril Castle
One of England's earliest Norman fortresses
Concession ticket : 3 pound


The walk way to the Peak Cavern
A.K.A The Devil's Arse
Largest natural cave entrance in the British Isles


Remain of an ancient village
Whole community lived and worked making rope for the local lead mines
Bottom right : Cottage of the community back at least year 1750


Views inside of the cave
Quite cold inside the cave
Wear your jacket before the tour start


Views more deep inside the cave
Slippery surface
Bottom right : Is a boat. NOT coffin

Joint Ticket
Peak Cavern + Speedwell Cavern
Consession Ticket : 10.25 pound
Ticket valid for 6 months


Cottage around Castleton


Country side walking path and gate


Climb up the hill
Will see a beautiful scenery from the top.

360 degree video clip


Jump at Castleton
Bottom : Superman style by James. Anyway is a rough landing. Hahahaha....


Lot of sheep
and also sheep's shit


At the top of the peak will see fence
Actually after the fence is the hill edge
Don't cross over the fence if affair of high


View from the edge
Another nice view


Look at the blue sky~~~~

Anyway will return cause there another cave (Speedwell Cavern) we haven't visit. Lucky the ticket valid for 6 months. Is a recommended place to visit, Castleton.

Location :

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Bus : from Sheffield Interchange station. Bus number, 272
Fee : 5.60 pound per person (Return ticket)
Castleton is the last station. No worry, won't missed the station.
Duration : around 50 minutes to 1 hour.


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