TS'09 : Oriental Summer Party
8:34 AM

Here come another party in Sheffield, Oriental Summer Party 2009. Basically the party name stated quite clear, "ORIENTAL" so most of the party go-er are oriental (chinese, japanese, korean, and etc). Anyway is an open party and not a close party. There few local also interested in this party. It happened in the most happening and largest club in Sheffield, EMBRACE.(i guess, some say LeadMill the best in Sheffield).



I would say the party is not that happening. Just a "so so" party. Maybe because of the number of people attend not enough to fill the huge space of the club. They closed the upper level make me more disappointed. Another disappointment is from the songs play in the club. They repeat the song few times and some songs are quite boring for party. The drinks are more expensive than other club or bar.

Anyway just check the club from inside,


clock wise : Dancer platform upper floor; bar upper floor; not very sure why they hang this thing, anyway it can control up and down; DJ working place - lightning controlling also set at here.


360 degree in Embrace


Bar, dance floor and senior "Ah Boon" (in white)


Embrace's entrance

Embrace located just near by the Sheffield City Hall


Sheffield City Hall at nite


Embrace, the red building with glass

Check below for more details of the location.


Self shot in the club and middle of the road.

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