Merdeka (Malaysia Independent Day)
10:28 PM

Merdeka. Merdeka, Merdeka...!!!!!!! Congratulation Malaysia celebrating 53th Independent Day.

Great thing happen is I'm holiday for today. Hmmm...... Older generation always question what we (younger generation?) know about "Merdeka"? I knew how we get independent from British peacefully without war and fight. I also knew that the 3 major race work together and co-operate to get the independent. I should go and celebrate "Merdeka" day with all the Malaysian out there. But the fact is I just treat it like a normal holiday.

There are some things that I'm not convince and also there something I doubt about it. Frankly speaking I love my country A LOT. When there are racism happen among us that really weaken my belief. There are things that we don't really understand each other. Sometime I wonder how the non-bumis can accept where double standard happen in Malaysia. We born in Malaysia, study in Malaysia, pay tax to Malaysia Government, work in Malaysia and almost everything we did in Malaysia. We start and born same level with every Malaysian, so why still have double standard? Haih~~~~ I guess nobody can or wanted to answer my question.....

Anyway I still LOVE my country, MALAYSIA. Maybe next year there are something trigger me to celebrate Merdeka Day together with other Malaysian .

the V