Malacca (Melaka in Malay Language) Family Trip
4:28 PM

A last minute planning and decide trip with family. Well I never been to Malacca since when I'm in my study at Primary School. I still remember some of the places I visit and I wish to re-visit the place, Malacca a.k.a Melaka.

Just 1 night study of the place and also with the help of my Garmin GPS I brought my family to Malacca. My itinerary plan is below :-

Reach Town of Malacca --> Donald and Lily's for Nyonya Laksa --> Jonker Street shopping --> Makko Nyonya Restaurant for more Nyonya dishes --> Landmark sightseeing include Taming Sari routating tower --> Satay Celup at Capitol Restaurant --> Back to Jonker Street for night market --> Malacca River cruise --> Back Kuala Lumpur.

But it end up not what I have plan. Missed out some activities from the itinerary. Reach Malacca late at 11pm due to my "awesome" GPS" bring me to the village area before reach the town area. So try to catch up the schedule 11.30am we have our delicious nyonya laksa at Donald & Lily's. These place not an easy place to search for first timer because it away from few buildings at Jonker Street. At first plan to have a nyonya laksa but end up trying Siam Noodles, Cendol and Taufu Rojak. Donald and Lily's serve quite good food. Kinda home cook food. Nice, nice....

So we missed out Makko Nyonya restaurant for Chicken Ponteh, Sambal Udang, Cencaluk omelette and etc...... This is because everyone is still fulled.... So more shopping and walking we did include Dutch Square, Jonker street and also the oldest temple in Malaysia, Cheng Hoon Teng temple.

After some shopping and walking around we decide to have another try of cendol. The weather in Malacca really hot. But not a problem for me..... I had travel around Europe with my 15kg backpack with the sub-zero temperature to sunny hot. So to avoid the long line at Jonker88 we decide go to San Sui Gong for Durian Cendol. We order Amoy pancake with kaya and also some nyonya kuih bought at Jonker Street for our tea time. Disappointed with the Cendol (either durian or Gula Melaka). Too sweet...... Even some of the best Cendol in Kuala Lumpur will beat this cendol down in term of taste.

We continue with our exploring to the St Paul Church, Taming Sari Tower and also Flor De Lamar.

It almost evening and we go for early dinner at Capitol Restaurant for Satay Celup. Capitol is a well known place for Satay Celup. I never try and I'm a bit curious how good of their food there. I reached the restaurant at 5:20pm and the line is very long. We almost giving up to try their food there after 30 minutes lining up. But earlier I set a time to wait for 1 hour. So after 1 hour we get our turn to taste the famous satay celup. Hmmm....... my honest review is not the best food and a must try. But their service is good, staff are friendly and the most important thing is it quite cheap for a single stick (RM0.80 per stick). So I won't lining up for an hour for this food in future. I think this food must categorize as a hawker or street food. More seating must provided.

After dinner at Capitol Restaurant we went to Jonker Street again because people say that Jonker street at night is different from the day time. Yes, is different where more small stall pull out, more people, and the road more narrow. Not very special, same like those night market in Kuala Lumpur.

We have to skip the river cruise as well due to quite late and the line to buy the ticket and waiting quite long. Is a very tired day cause we walk from morning till night. But is a good experience for me for a one day trip. Looking forward for another visit if their is a chance.

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