Celcom Voice plan + 3GB unlimited data + Samsung Galaxy Note
10:09 PM

I would like to say that I will make the most drastically changers for my phone usage for my life so far. While everyone busy with their smart phone and their phone applications, I still standing firm with my initial thought that was "I don't need a smart phone. Phone still a phone to make a call or sms".
Until one day I found that I need a tablet to connect to the internet while I'm on the go. At first I considering iPad 2 to solve my need. But after some survey and opinion from friends I would like to go for smart phone that able to multitask.

Everything come just on time. When I need a data plan Celcom came to my company to promote their Voice Plan. They offering very good package that no commitment fees. So in other words is "Pay as you Use". Without second thought I apply two new number for my dad and "someone". I check in celcom website, http://www.celcom.com.my/biz/products.php?page=voiceplan_p98 P98 plan is the nearest that they offer. Different just the comittment fees (No commitment) and internet usage (RM50 for unlimited 3GB).

So it's time to say good bye to Maxis that provide me quite good coverage but not price since the first day I use handphone. I like Maxis, too bad which service provider offer me the best deal I will go for it. Celcom Biz really offer me plan that I can't resist. There no other service provider able offer me such a plan so far.

Get my new service provider, than move on to new phone. I almost decide to get Samsung Galaxy S2 as my new phone. Thanks to my colleague, Chin; introduce me Samsung Galaxy Note. After some readout I found that this phone quite OK. Plus it match with my initial idea to get a tablet. Samsung Galaxy Note is a combination of smart phone and also a tablet. I would say is kinda PDA phone that quite popular before those smart phone become popular in the market. Galaxy Note is a massive phone come with 5.3" inch display and running Dual Core 1.4GHz processor (almost can compete with my current laptop).

So far this phone is the phone I wish to get. Saw newspaper start to advertise this phone indirectly. So I predict its going to reach Malaysia market very soon. Just finger cross the price not shoting too high. And most important hand on experience is very important before get a gadget. So I'm looking forward to test this phone. I check the review in net and also youtube quite positive. Below are the official videoclip for Samsung Galaxy Note introduction. Check it out......


Click HERE for the Samsung Galaxy Note Spec by GSMArena.

Cheers....  :)

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