Elton, Lau Han Jie in 華人星光大道 2011
4:33 AM

Just watched back recorded Hua Ren Xing Guang Da Dao (華人星光大道) 2011 at ASTRO B.yond. I'm excited when this guy, Elton Lau Han Jie (刘汉杰) sing again in television. I'm first impress with his singing when he sing in one of the ASTRO chinese singing competition. He wow me with the song "我是一只小小鸟" he sang in the competition.

This guy just 12 years old and he has a very wide range in singing. He also can dance quite well too. So in these Taiwan's singing competition, Hua Ren Xing Guang Da Dao invite him for PK those top 8 contesters. He sing the same song, "我是一只小小鸟" again but I still think he carry this song nicely. Those who missed this show you can watch it at Youtube.

If can't play here please click below link to direct you to Youtube.

This guy, Elton is a very talented guy in performing {I guess..... Hahahaha....}. He have the range and talent; I think he just need a person to shape him to become future super star in chinese music industry. Hopefully such a talent not wasted like that. All the best Elton....

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