Batman : The Dark Knight
12:34 AM

Just watched it. My opinions are........ ermm............... actually I quite like it. But there are differences opinions from my friends. Am I a big fan of Batman? Then I would say not really. Overall the movie lot of talking then action and stunt part. So in the end it very depending to individual. If someone expecting an action pack movie then I will say you will disappointed. If someone looking for drama, then I will say you will like it. The story not so direct (not like Joker (bad) + Batman (good) = Fight, fight, fight Batman win.). But also not surprising me a lot. Mean like I will just react "Ohh...... like that~~~" and not "Wah Lau Wei~~~~~~". Maybe some of you want to see is there any new device or machine that the Batman use in this movie then I will say nope. Still the same car and still the same gadgets. That quite disappointed to me.

I'm really don't know how to comment bout this movie. Usually for those lot of talking movie I will focus on story line ; but the story line for this movie is just okey for me and not great. So I suppose not going to say I like it but I still like it. Maybe I'm too concentrate to this movie because this is the last movie for the late Heath Leager. Plus he carry the character of the Joker very well. I don't know. Just go and watch the movie yourself, for me I think is a worth to watch movie (about 2 hours and 30 minutes duration movie)


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