Month of December is the month of Falling and Rising.
10:26 PM

No doubt the month of December is the month of celebration and holiday where Xmas is the main celebration highlight. Coming next is the New Year count down to the year 2012. So I like to wish everyone Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year. Cheers~~~~

While for me currently I working hard to reduce my weight to the weight I want. For the month of December I'm a bit disappointed with the result. Although my weight not increase but in the same time my weight not reduce too. I set that end of the month of December my weight able to reduce to 80++ kg. So it left 5 more days to go and I think impossible to lose 3-4 kg in 5 days. Haih~~~~~~

But the good thing is at less I manage to reduce 1 kg last week. And I think I'm back on track. I have to admit that I had broke some of the rule that I set for my diet plan. I had few heavy dinners; I ate fast food more than 1 time for a month; I ate oily food food my lunch such as curry noodles and fried noodles; I have late dinner for few occasion. Gosh~~~~~ But thanks God my weight still the same and the impact I can see is my tummy larger a bit. Hahahaha..... I'm confident my tummy will back to normal if I keep my diet plan going. Not so worry.

By 1kg reduce by last week I hope is another kick start for me. Seriously is not easy to reduce weight for me that love food so much. Thing become more worst when you live in Malaysia that you can find foods anywhere and anytime. So I hope my weight will keep on reduce cause every kg reduce will motivate me to work harder.


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