Just 2 days
12:32 PM

Ya just 2 days work I'm already not happy with the working place. Maybe work with Ap**e product is really a wrong move for me. I'm a totally zero knowledge bout Ap**e product and my position too hard to handle for newbies like me. But I'm willing to learn. I'm a bit clueless with the position because there's no senior in my position. Only a technician that do everything. Unfortunately the technician not willing to teach and keep complain to the service manager that his offer letter didn't write that he need to teach or train new staff. So I need to observe and ask him give those simple task for me to do. I know that is a normal case when we meet "LC" people at the work. So I'm ready for that. But not everything we can learn by ourselves. I don't know what system they using. I don't know which application that they use to open service report. An latest thing is the GXS. I'm already register for it but I no idea what that for and how is it work. So I have to see their fake happy face when I ask any question. For you information also I'm not an IT student. So I'm a little bit dumb bout IT thing. Not an IT student is not an excuse, the most important thing is I willing to learn. My present seem like not welcome by the others (but HQ people really helpful and treat me like a new staff there. TQ). Anyway I won't give up at this point. I know they all can kill me easily within this coming few weeks. I will fight till the end.

The question, is it worth fighting so hard and handle the pressure for just a small amount of salary and also in the field of IT?? I should go for electronic related to gain more experienced and not IT because now is the best time to gain more experience in technical side. Hmmm..... Let see what happen next few weeks. Hehehehe...


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