Another New Chapter? No, No, No.....
11:03 PM

It's been so long I didn't update my blog here. Just a brief update of me. Ya I still with the "K.N.S" company. Still trying to slim down but too bad my determination not as strong as the one back 5 months. Still single. Basically not much different my lifestyle from last year.

Looking forward for coming trip to Tokyo, Japan. Also looking forward for the new company that I going to join (I hope to sign the offer letter in this coming week). Planning to have a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 14" Special Edition). Currently also keep survey and looking for potential house to stay or to invest.

Have to admit that I met some idiots that really made me uncomfortable. Some I had eliminate/left them and the balance I hope I can leave them as well. Such a person I don't think is worth to become my friend. Sometime I'm not sure am I too serious in friendship? Is it friendship is just using each other or their is other meaning of friendship?

So this is the brief update for my current lifestyle. Will blog longer when I have the time.

the V