12:05 AM

Very long didn't blog. Actually I'm not that busy after work but there is a limitation to blog bout the place I'm working now. Better don't blog before any bad thing happen. So there nothing to say about. Actually now I'm getting more better in my work place. Not perfect place to work but still okey. I felt that more people can accept me. That's why I said don't judge me too early. Know me more before judge me.

I'm now trying to adjust many things in my life. Some may know what really happening in my life now, so they know what situation that I'm facing. Frankly speak I still haven't found a job that I really want for this moment. I'm not choosy but refer to the situation that I'm facing I have to choose. Anyway thanks to T*K and E-***k to give me a chance and also give me a good deal to work in the company. But there are some T&C's I can't accept.

Now I really hope that I can work in WD. I know my first interview is sucks but the second interview the manager said that I'm okey. So hope other department give me a chance. If I successfully get the job that is a very new experience for me. I never work in a factory before so I need this experience. Rubber shoe, jumpsuit, cleanroom, 12 hours per day, shift, and almost 7k employee all I never experience it before. The people and the environment totally not same from what I have experienced before. It sound a bit scare but I looking forward and try my best to do my best.

I'm almost fully into the working life and almost forget bout the study life. I even plan to apply a job that far away from KL. That not a good news. If I keep control my step I not going anyway but I let it go I will drown with the current. Hope there no wrong move. Both involve my future.


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