Babylon A.D.
10:36 PM

OMG!!!! I can't believe that I watched this movie. First time in my life I rated a movie for 1 star out of ten. I don't know what the F the movie about from start to the end. Usually there's a lot of question mark (??) early of the movie and then in the end those question will solve. So I tought this stupid movie do the same way also. The fact is lot of question from start till end. The director also did a lousy job in camera angle (same like the movie of "Death Race" also did a lousy job in camera angle). If the director in front of me I sure ask him/her why he/she did this stupid movie? I really clueless bout this movie. Still blur and confuse~~~~~

If there is anyone that not agree with me can you all tell me why? I really can't get it.


the V