The Present
12:00 PM

Finally I efford to buy the book of the title of "The Present". I know it not costly but during the past I really can't spend RM40 for just a book. The book also very long in the bookstore. Lucky I still can find the book. Anyway this book introduce by Siang Yee quite long ago. You all can ask her how long I have to wait to get the book. Now this book is a very good companion for me while waiting the shop open for business. This week and next week I need travel using the bus to work. So when you travel using bus in KL, punctuality become a question. I need to get the bus very early. Sometime I will reach the destination very early. Then I use that time to read.

I like to comment about the "Ahmad case". I think he is rude or "biadap". I quite understand malay people tought. He and his supporters response such act is predictable. Some current and ex malay leader also question why must the malay or Ahmad apologise. Why not sit down and think carefully all those questions. We all stay in a multipot country we can't become so selfish. Chinese community also can question why chinese must accept what Ahmad comment during the talk or "ceramah". In the end something bad will happen. So think first before act. Wrong always a wrong; "Menegakkan benang yang basah" is it possible? Don't "kepala batu" and selfish. I still love the country that peace and harmony. Please save it.


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