Something NEW~~~~
12:31 AM

Back few weeks there are few things will change my life. I'm happy for it. Most highlighted is I FOUND A NEW JOB!!!! Actually there are 2 job offers that I received back few weeks time. After some consideration I decide to go for FingerTec.

Locate at Puchong and this company offer me quite good benefits. I'm not sure is it true or not cause all the benefits didn't mention in the offer letter (although I had requested for it) and just verbally told me. I hope not another nightmare. At this moment I haven't set any strategy to perform in this coming company. But I feel that I need to study and nail all their products in this company first. Wish I can stay for at least 3 years in this coming company.

Another new is I just bought a new laptop. Dell Inspiron Special Edition 14". I believe is not a good deal. But as many knows that technology stuff is very hard to measure and calculate cause it change too fast. So without keep considering I just follow my guts and select the one I want.

I knew a lot people may say that DELL laptop not that good. I hope ASUS come out a laptop with the latest spec but too bad I cant wait anymore cause the laptop that I currently using will return back to the company. While my personal laptop having problem with the AC socket. So end up to have a new laptop.

While the last thing is I just join Gorgeous Fitness. This is the first time I sign 1 year contract with fitness center. I think my health not so good. With all those lame reasons that I gave to myself I decide to make myself at a point that  no reason to give or complaint to do exercise so I decide to join gym.

Why Gorgeous Fitness and not other gym? Easy cause they offer the cheapest package plus it near my house and also my future working place. So I have no reason to give if I not go for exercise beside to label myself as "I'm a LAZY PIG!!!". Another investment made for myself for better health hope it will pay off. I really need to work out this time. This is a 1-2 years plan for me to back on track for healthier me.

- The V the one and the only ONE - 

the V