When Reached a Point
8:24 PM

There nothing I can blog recently. Life like a robot, wake up - work - sleep, repeat and repeat until this second. Working place still up and down. Trying to adapt the environment there. Frankly speak working place environment not healthy at all. All have their own agenda and know how to cover their own ass. So can conclude that working place like in prison (those watch "Prison Break" will understand how is it.). Anyway I actually ready for these condition. If not I'm already resign. From the early day I told everyone (include the Boss) I'm just a newbies in what I doing now. Since the Boss give me a chance why not add some knowledge to it. So no pressure (actually got a bit lah.... impossible there none).

I keep told myself I work in this place and this position is for my own benefit and not to prove or compare to others. It ridiculuos to prove that I'm more better then those have experienced. Zero to hero in few months?? Posible?? Is all about technical not sales (sales maybe 5% lah...).

Anyway I just be myself. They want to say I'm stupid for know nothing then just say. What I know I still got something to offer to other societies if not to them. I still got the patient work at there. Force me resign if they can. Wakakakakaka.......


the V