Bon Odori 2012 Shah Alam
7:34 PM

Bon Odori festival I heard this festival since I'm very little. At one time I cried cause my elder brother don't want to bring me along for this festival when I was small. Yesterday Japan Embassy of Malaysia organize Bon Odori Festival for the 36th years at Shah Alam. So I take the opportunity to pay a visit for the FIRST TIME. Yes... for the first time after 28 years of my life so far. As usual first time I need people around to accompany me. So I drag my hometown's friends (SC, Pundei and Handsome) along. Hahahaha.... Surprisingly all of us are first timer. Everyone of us looks excited for this festival.

From my point of view just a normal fare. A lot of booth selling Japanese stuff and also non-Japanese stuff. What surprise me that there are few booth selling alcohol. Beer and wine in Shah Alam? Somemore an event that open for public with no restriction of age and religious. That really surprise me. Off course it doesn't matter for me. I'm more happy with those beer. Is a good place for picnic and hang around with friend and family (if they enjoy relax and picnic). Just one down side is they should organize in a bigger stadium cause there are really damn a lot of people.

Such festival I think I will go again. Cause I like to sit down and look at people around with coffee or beer. Maybe with someone special.

*** a brief post by me about this festival. Do drop me a message or comment if you all want to have more detail. I try to provide more info. Thank you.

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