12:44 AM

I'm tired, frustrated, and feedup. Don't know why everything not going right at this moment. Two big companies broke the promise (if I told you, you will not going to believe it). Ridiculuos. Happy for today and the next day you will receive a huge disappointment. WTF~~~~~~

I never expect such thing happen in working life until this two cases happened to me. I always tell myself there nothing like "almost there" or "a bit more". If missed then is totally missed. For my cases is totally can't explain why. Only "them" will know why. Haih~~~~~ Pening-Pening-Pening!!!!!

Plus my work condition now make me more "pening". Really ridiculuos. Can't acceptable. And sometime it look stupid too. Is it damn hard to manage a thing? Can anyone give me the position a of CEO for 1-2 months in a company? Don't want say CEO, maybe an assistant of the CEO also okey for me. I want to try and see how hard is it.

Recently feel very desperate for something but I don't know what is it. Maybe too many thing that why can't explain clearly what I actually want. Another "pening".


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