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I’m a Bachelor Degree in Engineering holder and major in Electronic Engineering. Does it sound I’m heading to a professional career after my study? When I sign up the program course for Electronic Engineering few years back in TARC I’m very proud of myself because I’m able to put myself along with other students that chasing for their dream to become someone special in future that create awesome stuff. Beside doctor profession, Engineering is another top profession that a lot of people think is not an easy job to complete the course. Honestly I really think that engineering course is not an easy course. It’s became tougher when you decide to take the course in TARC due to the timetable of the class and also the heavy credit hours to complete in a single semester (But now the system had changed, I guess current student have more freedom and flexibility nowadays).
After completed my degree program course in United Kingdom, I start to hunt for a job that can bring me to become a good engineers. I put my expectation very high that time. Selecting best company and also best job scope that the company able to offer. Everything started very smoothly. First job I’m a Research and Development Engineer (R&D) in one of the Japanese company. I learnt a lot of things in that company and till now I still think is one of the companies I had worked in.
Due to the living cost in Kuala Lumpur very high, I have to give up the job that I like and search for a better job that can improve my life. So I able to land a job that locate nearer to my house and have a better pay. But the down side is I have to lower down my position from R&D Engineer to Product Test Engineer. From that second everything starts to change. The way I think and the philosophy that I always fight for no longer apply to me. My dream to become a professional engineer is like fading away. Although I’m still holding the title as an engineer but the job scope not near to the job as an engineer.
Thing became worst when I take the risk to give up as an engineer and move to Information Technology (IT) field. Not because I like IT field but the main objective is to start up a business. Moving from an international company and MNC company to a local SME company, gave up from a quite promising career to career that unpredictable, from an engineer to none title businessman, more than 5 years proper profession education to totally no formal education, 2 years plus professional experience to totally no experience field. Does it sound too risky to select this path to move forward? I have no choice to make the first step or I will stuck forever working for other people. No doubt there are some companies really worth to work with. Report said that the former CEO of Exxon Mobil paid almost half a billion on his retired day. The problem is how many can we have such an opportunity especially the Malaysian? It’s made this road to travel even more risky. Not to say that we are Malaysian not good, just that not many companies owned by Malaysian able to play the main character in global economy. We just at the base or foundation level and yet reach neither the middle nor top level.
So, to become a professional or not to become a professional choose it for yourself.

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