Do You Know?
11:39 PM

Hahahaha..... Funny. Hey guyz I got question ask you all. Do you know that when you trying to talk bad thing about a person it actually talking about your ownselves? If yes why still talk about it. If not, why they didn't realize it? If there someone act like these to me I'm not going to angry or going to get mad; I maybe will laugh.

Haih~~~~~ I also don't know what to say. Should I put a large mirror in front of me so when they talk then will reflex back to them. Maybe I'm a good listener (Am I??? LOL) that why they complain to me. But the fact is some knew they are nonsense but they still like to act like that. Macam- macam lah~~~~~~~

Another one thing is one of my staff resign that holding same post with me. Hmmm.... I really do feel pity for him. But resign also a good choice if he want to have a better future. I really don't know what the actual reason he leaving but I suspect working environment. Like I mention before the working environment like in prison. You have to go through a lot of levels before you can join their clan. If not you have to hunt for yourself and make fire yourself to survive. For those newbies it is a really big problem for them (I also newbies). Because you don't know what weapon or tools to use during hunting and making fire. If wrong tool or weapon used it can kill your ownselves. I hope the boss realise what actually happen now. If not more new staff will resign. Wish that resign guy all the best. (actually I don't know that guy. Not even see or talk to him before. Just know his name. LOL)


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