8:46 PM

Today most of the time stay in the library and study. I'm quite slow and steady to do my revision on Power E. Untill the only rectifier chapter also can't finish. Damn it!!! But that damn chapter divide into too many sub-chapter such as uncontrolled single phase half wave rectifier, uncontrolled single phase full wave rectifier, controlled single phase half wave rectifier with RLE load, semi-controlled single phase full bridge rectifier, ............

Tomorrow and the day after (Sunday) need back to work (I mean the real work). So will take 2 days break from study. Hope it won't slow my momentum of my study since it already quite slow.

Hmmm..... should I speed up a bit of my study and put a bit pressure on it? Actually I quite scare cause it's the only paper I need to clear. It's like either you make it or break it. That the rules that TARC set. NO mercy, NO tolerances, and NO credit transfer. Need another chances that mean wait for another 1 year that currently happen to me. So now I'm taking the second chance to claim back what belong to me.

Work harder guyz..... I'm done with the advise. Is up to you now. If we make it mean we all will have a great time in UK. If not then we have to independent and stand by ourselves to face the future.


the V