Sorry that NOT a good deal
11:31 PM

February 2009 maybe an increment for me. That really not a good news for me. They already hold me almost for 2 months without any extra benefits and now for another 2 months??!?!??! That ridiculous!!! Sorry dude. You make me to resign more early. But any how I will check what the confirmation letter that they offer to me. If not much different then is time to say something (that you wish I do so). If still not good then the only choice is resign earlier.

I think they don't really understand me. Go check back my profile and records. Everything is truth inside there. So do they think I'm damn stupid? I will let them say what ever thing that they want to say. I'm silent doesn't mean no problem at all. I'm expecting something from them. If I open my mouth that really bad.

Why not check back what actually happen? You got your point to talk and so am I. But do they know that what they say is their responsibility and job? That mean they complaining bout their job. Don't make me laugh at them. What quality of leadership is these? Try to be the leader but don't really have the abilities. I knew when they become a tortoise that hiding inside it shell and toitoise that show his head off.

Working place really improve a lot but the system and some people inside really can spoil the whole things. When the team have problems and the leader just know how to save their ass then they never gain respect from me.


the V