10:39 PM

It's very funny. I'm neither jealous nor sad. I feel people try to LC me. What they trying to do? To test me? To tell the whole world? If I think positively I will conclude that they are over excited. But when I think twice they are nonsense small kids. Act professional a bit lah~~~

Frankly speak I'm won't jealous cause in future I'm going to experienced it also. No big deal at all. So don't make any stupid announcement to the public. My reaction just a LOUD OUT LAUGH (LOL). HAHAHAHA....... I'm going to jealous if you hit the RM20 million jackpot. If not, F**k Off. Hehe...

Another one thing is I really hate those girl think that guy MUST respect them no matter what happen. Whom they think they are??? Fairy Tales Princess in her wonderland?? With the friend status don't too over (if you one of my target then is okey. Lol). If you are my GF then I have more petient on it. If not then don't try over "ber-manja" with me. I really feel some gal out there don't know respect guy at all. They never think the other side. Only know think her side. Becareful gals you are the "going- to-be" bitch.

Working place environment getting better and more better in time. Sometime when we in a comfort zone we forget ourselves. So is time to review back my attitudes. Try not too loud and too excited. Stay cool and humble. Lot more thing to learn. Chill~~~~~~~~


the V