11:14 PM

Credit : Back few years I read a few sentences from a blogger’s blog and it awaken me from sleep. Just a simple words but it reflex to me with a quite huge impact. Really thank a lot to Mr Y for making me to keep thinking.

When I was young I’m was an achiever. People can see bright future at me; selected to walk the road that not ordinary people able to walk; good starter in education and also curriculum that look quite promising in both aspects. Too bad not everything runs smoothly in everyone life, so am I.

I experienced a down fall (not drastically) in my life after a good start. Everytime thing not happens I will find a way to solve it. But I did a mistake along the way. I didn’t realise it until this back few years. All the while I handle failure by escaping and not solve it to become stronger. I would say, “Yes, I overcome the problem”. But never care and study the solution after the problem off from me. Just a very simple and easy thought that cause me stop growing to become a better man. Human learn from mistake. But do we learn how to solve it or we learn how to escape it. Sadly to say that I fall into the category of learn how to escape it. From here we will start to set a specification and limit so that we not going to face such a problem again. Instead of we know what to do when we face the problem. When there are a lot of failure happened it will cause a lot of specification and limit in our life.

I really do think that life is very challenging. I won’t buy the idea of being simple will make thing not so challenging and less complicated. I only accept this idea if a person can life solely base on themselve without related to other people. No one told me and guide me how to become a better man. So I always limit myself and can’t live my life to the fullness. I’m lack of confident when I’m in a bigger group. This is because I didn’t learn thing completely and I only learn stuff just to pass. When we set a limit for ourselve we do feel life lighten a bit. We just care things just on the limit that we set and out from the limit we not going to care about it. For long term run it will destroy our life. Limitation will stop us from growing and expand our potential. When we comfortable with the limit that we set, we will stay at that level. If not we will keep tuning and lower down the limit until we feel comfortable with the level. Does it sound that we are keep going down instead of growing up?

Again, I really want to thank to Mr Q who share the idea of limitation of life in his blog. I think he wrote just few sentences that related to limitation but it triggered me quite hard. At that time I start to think and don’t care the limit I set earlier. I also start to test the limit inside me. Honestly I don’t really know how far I can go. I never push myself to the very end in term of ability. So now every challenge come I keep telling myself I can do it and I can go beyond the challenge. Keep the positive thinking and push to the very end. Either fail or success after the challenge we will know the real limit we can handle.

So guyz/gals know your limit is good BUT don’t let the limit control and stop us from growing up. If not we will forever stuck at the limit we set. Ask ourselves is it that far we can go? All the best guyz/gals……

the V