10:27 PM

Back to work today and everything as usual. Customer still dashing into service centre although there are few signs stated weekend NO Service and only for collection. Today quite a lot of send-in for repair stuff but I feel is okey. Maybe already rest for few days and a bit "semangat" to work.

Tan back from MacWorld Tour, US. He bought us some keychains from there. Thanks a lot Tan for the oval shape San Francisco keychain and the chocolate. I really do like it.

For the first time I told the real story to my colleague, Rico. I told him why I took a long leave and always considering to resign earlier. I don't know what his opinion after I told him cause he didn't comment anything about it. Hope the news didn't circulate in the company.

Tomorrow another day to go before back to my study mode. Next week really have to get serious. It's getting nearer.


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