Re-Cap the year of 2013, the year full of colours
12:18 AM

" Year 2013 is running year for me" that is the main goal I set for last year and I think I didn't let myself down. Although my running is inconsistent but I never give up running. I will keep on running.....

10 run events, 2 shoes, 8 medals - 1 mini cup, lot of pain, and also lost count of practise time.

Beside that I signed up for a Open Water Dive course, unfortunately 'someone' really disappoint me not only the arrangement for the course but also the time and money that I put into the course. That fellow kind of betray me and give me all the selfish reason when he and his gang complete the course without me. But is okay, at less I know what kind of person of him now. An expenses lesson that cause me more then RM600 wasted.

the text book and some of the gear

Travel!!!! I did travel quite a lot in year 2013 for company business trip and also for personal trip. I went to the countries and cities that I never been to. Start with a trip to Moscow, Russia then follow by local trip to Pulau Langkawi and then Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The last trip is Phuket, Thailand. Honestly I expecting a dive trip and also one more trip to Tokyo, Japan but there always disappointment happen on me. I still glad I able to travel four places that totally new to me and also awesome trip to Penang and Taiping as well.  :)

The jump at St Basil, Moscow - The iconic eagle in Pulau Langkawi - Awesome city view of Ho Chi Minh - Beautiful beach of Phuket, Thailand.

Life not always sailing smooth. In year 2013 I met two car accidents. First just a minor accident while the second accident quite serious. Thanks God no one is hurt in both accidents.

Basically the year of 2013 is quite awesome year for me. Although there's quite a lot of disappointment along the road but I think I able to overcome it and move forward. Thanks to the people around me especially my friends (my hengdai'z) and family member that always support me when I lost my way.

The day to end the year 2013 and also entering the year of 2014.

the V