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Someone share this video in Facebook and I think is interesting

I'm kind of agree with this guy talking. Here are the 8 things that he highlighted.

1) Passion
2) Work hard
3) Focus
4) Push
5) Idea
6) Improve
7) Serve
8) Persist

Last time when I was young I only believe hardworking will make myself successful person. I think a year back I only realize that success not only about hardworking. I'm struggling to find what I want and I'm all over the place. Passion is very important for me. When we passionate what we doing I think the others seven points will automatically will come.

Last year I think I had proven my point above. From no where, suddenly I fall in love with running. I'm working so hard in running. I hit the treadmill and the park everyday after work. I will run when I have chance. My friends told me that I'm crazy. I always stay focus and think positive. I push myself every time I want to give up. I try to improve myself so I can achieve better result. Although I'm not an awesome runner but I'm very proud of myself from a fat guy that have knee injury to a guy that can run fast and long distance among the friends.

Unfortunately I'm lost myself again from the very early of the year till today. I'm so off from the track what I had planned. Thank God I watched this short video. It's remind me what I want in life and I need to pick up myself to make the year 2014 a success. Nothing is too late, find back the passion and keep moving. Gambateh!!!!!

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