Year of 2015
3:45 AM

I left my blog unattended again for almost a year. Again I free myself again during the second day of Chinese New Year.

Wishing all my friends and visitor of this blog a Happy Chinese New Year. Hope the Year of Goat will bring more good luck for everyone.

 photo goatyear.jpg

Let's review what really happen in the past.

There are some great things happen to me last year. From scuba diving to sky diving, 30th Birthday celebration and the trip to Australia. Beside that I also have a chance travel to Moscow again for business travel and also finally a chance to go to Hong Kong for company trip.

 photo 2015a.jpg

Well, as usual life not always that great. Some disappointment as well in career and also some friendship thingy. I won't explain much about my job here. Just want to say my plan doesn't work and don't think I'm a piece of useless junk sitting in the office. While for friendship I also won't explain much as well. Just don't forget the most important ingredient in friendship is call "RESPECT". Sometime people no idea what they talk and react when too excited. The excitement happen when there is a GROUP of people talking crap a.k.a gossip.

For this 2 issue is very easy to resolve for me. Since the company is not mine and the mouth is not mine as well so I can't control anything from them. What I can do is to leave. Sound like I'm giving up. Sorry to say that the thing I can't control I don't want to waste so much time on it.
Year 2015 I expect a change in my career and also less travel. I will focus more in building career to generate better income. Also hope I can actively back in running and other sports to reduce LOTs of weight. Basically will improve myself mentally, physically and also financial. Wish me all the best.

Anyway Happy Birthday to ME!!!! ><

the V